Whether it is for your initial consultation or for a second opinion…


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Welcome to The Austin Center for Radiation Oncology

We know that being diagnosed with cancer can bring up a host of concerns and you may be feeling overwhelmed.  The Austin Center for Radiation Oncology (ACFRO), offers advanced technology for fighting cancer delivered by a team of cancer specialists. We use Intensity-Modulated and Image-Guided Radiation Treatment (IMRT/IGRT) to improve cancer control and minimize side effects, delivered by an experienced and well-rounded medical team treating urologic cancers.

You have a choice.  You have options for your cancer treatment and where you get it.

Whether it’s for your initial consultation or a second opinion, our team of cancer experts use a personalized approach to developing your treatment plan because you are at the center of what we do every day. We care about your cancer as much as you do.

We understand cancer. We understand our patients. We know how to help you fight your cancer.  At The Austin Center for Radiation Oncology, we have an expert team of medical professionals who have dedicated their careers to helping people when they need it the most.

We provide cutting edge cancer treatment delivered by an experienced medical team.  We offer integrated radiation oncology services located right in the heart of Austin:

  • Innovative radiation oncology equipment with IMRT and IGRT for the highest precision
  • State of the art diagnostic imaging with ACR accredited CT imaging
  • Oncology Physical Therapy
  • Financial Counseling
  • Aftercare Patient Education and Cancer Resource Center

Types of Cancer Treated at ACFRO:

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  • I found the entire staff to be friendly, caring, professional, and helpful.

    It may seem strange, but I miss the daily visits to ACFRO, and I look forward to seeing all at the follow-up visits.

    – Jim C.

  • In every instance–at both personal and professional levels–their competence and compassion have exceeded my expectations.

    - Jim J.

  • This staff really made the time fly by, and I feel the good health I am enjoying now is due to the treatments I received at the Austin Center for Radiation Oncology.

    – Bettie H.

  • If anyone finds they have prostate cancer, I would strongly recommend they choose The Austin Center for Radiation Oncology for their treatment.

    Thanks to all of you at the Center.

    – Dan R.

  • I'm especially grateful to this team because they listened to me, educated me, invited me into the decision-making process, and gave me cutting-edge care.

    – Kathryn R.