One of the best ways to decide where you get your cancer treatment is to hear the experiences of other patients.

At The Austin Center for Radiation Oncology, we are proud to offer state-of –the –art equipment in a lovely facility. But it is our Team that makes the difference in the patient’s experience.  Here is what some of our patients are saying about us:

“After a lumpectomy for early stage breast cancer, it was determined that my next step in treatment would be radiation. Fortunately, I was directed to theAustinCenterfor Radiation Oncology. After meeting with the Radiation Oncologist, my schedule for treatment was set up. I was to have 33 radiation treatments, 5 days a week until completion. The oncologist saw me each week during my treatments to keep me up to date on how I was progressing. The techs who administered my treatments were just the best. They had a very caring attitude and treated me with the greatest dignity. When you see people every day for several weeks, they become friends. This staff really made the time fly by, and I feel the good health I am enjoying now is due to the treatments I received at theAustinCenterfor Radiation Oncology. Thanks to each of you.”

Bettie H. – Breast Cancer Patient


“I would like to commend your staff at the Austin Center for Radiation Oncology. Dr. Garza and his assistant Gabe should be teaching bedside manners to doctors at a university. They are both very pleasant to deal with and very understanding and always take time to explain any situation one might have.  The two young ladies at the front desk, Diana and Jenavie, always welcome you with a smile and greeting and see that you get where you need to be and make you feel good to be there.  Two very special people to me are your radiation therapists, Adrian and Shanti. I have dealt with these two every day for the last 37 days. They are extremely competent while making you feel at ease. I owe a great deal of gratitude for their personal care.  Thank you for putting together such a great staff at 1020 West 34th Street.  Sincerely,

Charles S. – Prostate Cancer Patient

“If I had to be ‘zapped’, I’m glad it was y’all! Thanks for being so nice.”

Frances N. – Bladder Cancer Patient

“As one of the early patients at ACFRO, I could not have been more pleased with my IGRT experience. I found the entire staff to be friendly, caring, professional, and helpful. It may seem strange, but I miss the daily visits to ACFRO, and I look forward to seeing all at the follow-up visits.”

Jim C. – Prostate Cancer Patient

“I am confident that no better care exists than that afforded by the Radiation Oncologist and his staff at The Austin Center for Radiation Oncology. In every instance–at both personal and professional levels–their competence and compassion have exceeded my expectations. With the highest enthusiasm, and without qualification, I recommend Dr. Taylor and this facility.”

Jim J. – Prostate Cancer Patient

“When you discover that you have prostate cancer, it is a very frightening time. Your first decision is either to remove the prostate or attempt some other form of treatment. After much research, my wife Debra and I decided to have radiation therapy. At that point, we needed to decide on a physician that we thought gave us the very best chance of cure and recovery.  We continued our search for information about many different physicians and decided to choose Dr. Noah Taylor at The Austin Center for Radiation Oncology. From our first meeting with Dr. Taylor, he had empathy for our situation, feelings, and our objectives. During my 45 treatments, the staff of the Center (from the front desk to the actual technicians) were very professional, qualified, and most personable. The most important outcome of this experience was Dr. Taylor “stopped my cancer in its tracks!!!!!!”   If anyone finds they have prostate cancer, I would strongly recommend they choose The Austin Center for Radiation Oncology for their treatment. Thanks to all of you at the Center.”

Dan and Debra R. – Prostate Cancer Patient and Spouse

“I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have had (and to continue to have) such a knowledgeable and caring medical team. I’m especially grateful to this team because they listened to me, educated me, invited me into the decision-making process, and gave me cutting-edge care. They clearly focus on the whole person (and in some ways, in my case, on my whole family), not just on the cancer.

I was diagnosed a year ago today, April 12. I finished my treatments October 31. My health was such that during the last phase of treatment, when I had expected to be run-down, I could ride my bike the 8 or 9 miles round-trip to my radiation appointments–I logged about 225 miles riding to and from the office. I think that in many ways, it was because of the doctors’ skill (they made sure they removed/treated all the cancer while working to minimize potential negative effects of the treatment) and the encouragement of the whole team that I felt well enough and confident enough to do so.

I’m really pleased with my outcome so far–I’m not sure it could have been better.”

Kathryn R. – Breast Cancer Patient